Recent Presentations:

Mycofacilitation: Increasing Ecosystem Health with Fungi - A powerpoint (8.9 MB PDF file) presentation by David Demerest

Mushrooms of the Northeast: ID, collection, health benefits, & sustainable cultivation
A powerpoint (671 KB PDF file) presentation by David Demerest

Culinary & Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation For Family Farms
A powerpoint (3.8 MB PDF file) presentation by David Demerest


Green Mountain Mycosystems, LLC began in Underhill, VT as a Reishi mushroom farm selling wild-crafted and forest-grown dried Vermont Reishi mushrooms. Since 2004, we diversified our farm into selling many species of organic traditional medicinal mushrooms and producing value-added products such as a bottled Reishi tea we called "VTea" and traditional medicinal mushroom extracts. In addition to mushroom farming, we produced specialty mushroom spawn and offered mycoremediation consulting on the vast potential of fungi for bioremediation of oil and other toxic substances.

Over the years we have been proud to offer the best quality products available and help many people to enjoy happier more healthy lives; however the economic realities that come with competing against large corporations seeking to meet the bare minimum USDA organic standards while receiving significant government subsidies have forced multiple areas of our business into economic hibernation.

Our primary goal remains to "redefine the way business is done by providing the highest quality products in a way that maximizes the social, environmental and economic benefits for all." We chose to continue offering the best premium dried Vermont and Organic Reishi for sale because quite simply our customers need it, and you can make your own VTea traditional medicinal mushroom teas and extracts at home.

Our current emphasis is now:
Mycofacilitation & Mycoremediation Consulting &
Educational Workshops on Sustainable Mushroom Farming for Homes and Farms