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Vermont Reishi for Sale

Vermont Reishi Extract (1 fl. oz.) $20.00

A Vermont Reishi mushroom extract made using a multi-step extraction proceedure and our premium Vermont Reishi mushrooms to ensure the important compounds in Reishi are bioavailble. Unlike many alcohol extracts and tinctures on the market, our extraction proceedure is able to use a lower concentration of alcohol to successfully extract the important alcohol soluble compounds in Reishi mushrooms while also ensuring an optimal extraction of the important water soluble compounds.

Vermont Reishi Extract

Forest-grown Vermont Reishi (dried, 4 ounces) $29.00

Premium quality dried Vermont Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma tsugae) that have been sustainably harvested from forests throughout Vermont combined with Reishi mushrooms we grow at our forest-based farm in Underhill, Vermont. Now you can make your own Vermont Reishi teas at home and save with our new lower prices!

Vermont Reishi